The most advanced integrally suppressed .22 in the world. View

  • Ultra 13 Semi

    Ultra 13 Semi .22

    10/22 integrally suppressed rifle. View

  • Ultra 13 Bolt- Customer Supplied Rifle

    Ultra 13 Bolt- Customer Supplied Rifle .22

    Ultra 13 integral suppressor on customer supplied bolt rifle. View

  • Agenda VI

    Agenda VI 9mm .40 10mm .45

    This suppressor enhances the efficiency, accuracy and function. View

  • Raider

    Raider 5.56

    Ultra quiet silencer for 5.56mm caliber View

  • Thundertrap

    Thundertrap .22 to .50 Beowulf

    Astonishingly quiet suppressor View

  • PSR

    PSR .30 .338

    Engineered by AWC in partnership with Surgeon Rifles View


    T.H.O.R. RAIDER 2.23 5.56

    durable, compact, ultra quiet silencer View

  • T.H.O.R. Thundertrap

    T.H.O.R. Thundertrap .22 to .50

    shorter, lighter, and astonishingly quiet suppressor View

  • T.H.O.R. PSR

    T.H.O.R. PSR .30 .338

    one of the lightest suppressors on the market View

  • Turbodyne

    Turbodyne 416 50BMG

    most compact, effective, and quiet .50 caliber suppressor available View

  • MK9

    MK9 9mm, 45

    The MK9 is the most successful submachine gun suppressor in history. View

  • Ultra 13B Integral Suppressor 10/22 SS Barrel & Stock Kit

    Ultra 13B Integral Suppressor 10/22 SS Barrel & Stock Kit

    10/22 Suppresor Kit View


    TRIAD II .380, 9mm, .40 cal., or 45 cal


    ABRAXAS II .9mm, .380

  • Ultra13 Match Integral Suppressed Rifle

    Ultra13 Match Integral Suppressed Rifle .22

  • Amphibian II Buckmark

    Amphibian II Buckmark .22

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Silent Superiority

It would be safe to say, that over 30 years of supplying suppressors to a remar­kably broad spectrum of shooters we have literally seen it all. We pioneered much of the most important development work in both symmetric and asymmetric baffling, initial blast containment, wipeless end baffles, gas-jet redirection chan­neling, heat displacement pathing, advanced material utilization, captured barrel harmonics and on and on. We have probably destroyed more suppressors during our “Fire-to-Failure” testing than many of today’s suppressor manufacturers have had a chance to make in total.

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